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WordPress Websites That’s Ideal for Your Company

WordPress CMS offers complete control of the website to the client with a highly customizable user interface. This is the biggest benefit that WP provides to clients. We are using these features of the CMS platform to build top-notch websites.

A custom-built WordPress site is a website made based on your business requirement. We make the designs match your brand design. Also, the functions of the website are improved by adding plugins to the site. Our proficient developers will create custom plugins for the specific needs of your organization.

We will ensure the development is professional and deliver a high-quality website on time. Your customers will have a better user experience while visiting the site.

Why You Need Us

WordPress Development Services in India

Customer Support

Our team will continuously improve the website and provide ongoing support for adding or enhancing the site’s features.

Advanced Technologies

This agency offers some of the best and cutting edge technologies to boost website performance.

Competitive Prices

Competitive price packages given by us enable our clients to have top responsive websites at affordable rates.

Extensive Experience

The developers in this company have extensive experience in working on web development projects for various industries.

Our Top Range of Services

WordPress Website Development India

WordPress Web Development

Our WP development team will build scalable, secure, and SEO-friendly websites for clients. Tell us all the specific requirements you need on the website and we will make that happen with our expert developers.

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress provides a wide range of web development possibilities and one of them is creating eCommerce websites. We use eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce to turn your WP site into a fully functional online store.

WordPress Plugin Development

We extend the functionality of your WordPress website using custom plugins. The plugins can add extra features developed for your company’s requirements that are not available in WP by default.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance and support services we offer can help you avoid the time spending on maintaining your site and solving the issues by yourself. Our experienced developers can rectify the issue and ensure the website runs perfectly.

Looking for WordPress developers in India?We can create superior WordPress websites for your business
wordpress development company india
Why You Need WordPress Websites?

WordPress is used to build a major portion of websites available on the internet. The features offered by this CMS platform is the main reason for that. Those unique features are:

  • Expand functionality using plugins
  • Change how the site looks using themes
  • Affordable solution than custom websites
  • A large support community to develop new plugins and themes
FAQs about WordPress development company in India

What do our WordPress development services in India include?

Being the best WordPress development company in India, Pixelsolvent has earned an excellent reputation and is engaged in catering to clients with exclusive WordPress solutions. We are committed to delivering custom WordPress web development services for our valued clients.

Our dedicated WordPress developers in India will fulfill your website requirements by using their broad skills and experience. Expert services can help the growth of your business. The services offered by our WP specialists include:

  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress development
  • WordPress eCommerce development
  • WooCommerce development
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress theme development and customization
  • WordPress maintenance and support services

How long does it take for our WordPress development company in India to build a website?

The time required to build a WordPress website is lesser than the time needed to create custom websites. But no one can say the exact time required to build a custom WordPress website. Because many factors van influence the WordPress web development. The factors include features of the website, number of pages, and many more. Our WordPress development company in India can build websites in just a few weeks to one or two months. But we will always follow efficient processes to complete the project to ensure a quick turnaround.

How do Indian WordPress development services work for my business?

As a top WordPress development company in India, we help businesses to have a strong online presence using the advanced features and other benefits of WordPress CMS. Some of the most important aspects of WordPress development in India that help your business are given below.

Cost-Effective WordPress Development Services in India

WordPress is one of the top free and open-source content management systems. This helps our WordPress development company in India to reduce the overall cost of WordPress development. Therefore, a small business with a small web development budget can utilize the services to get a website for their business.


WP requires no coding skills to build and manage business websites. The simple and easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to install plugins, change themes, add new pages, or add blog posts. But for custom WordPress development, you should hire an expert WordPress developer in India.

SEO Features

Businesses trying to build awareness and attract more customers using a business website should understand the importance of SEO. SEO will improve the visibility of the website and help your business to reach more potential customers. WordPress comes with many SEO features by default. Also, our web designers and developers work together with WordPress SEO experts to improve site visibility.

Plenty of Themes

There are numerous WordPress themes are available in the store. You can choose a suitable theme from plenty of options. If you want a unique design, our WordPress web designers can create custom WP themes for your website.

Rich set of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin directory offers thousands of free and paid plugins. The plugins help to expand your website’s features. Extremely user-friendly and compatible plugins come with regular updates and hassle-free WordPress maintenance. Apart from that our WordPress development company in India can create custom plugins according to your requirements. We use the plugins wisely to give a better user experience to your customers.

WordPress development company in India provides you with high security

WordPress has built-in features for enhancing the security of the websites. Business owners can further heighten the security of their websites by disabling file editing, changing their WP login URL, and choosing a good hosting provider. If it seems too technical or WordPress development agency in India can help you with security updates.

WordPress supports multiple users

WP makes it easy to assign different access roles for multiple users of a single website. This makes WordPress maintenance and management easy for business owners. There are six types of WordPress roles increasing Super administrators, Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, and Subscribers. Administrators can change settings, add or remove plugins, and add, edit or delete content. Similarly, other roles have their specific tasks and so you can assign each task to different individuals.

Integrates with your social channels

Having a social media presence is great for your business growth. You can integrate social media profiles with the website. Using certain WP plugins, you can do activities from automatically uploading content on social media to sharing old and new content and promoting it online. The WordPress developers in India can help you with integrating your social channels with the site.

Get responsive website

More people are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from the desktop. This means that in order to be competitive, a business website needs to be mobile-friendly with easy viewing and access on any kind of screen with a fully responsive design. Therefore, Pixelsolvent, the best WordPress development company in India will create a responsive WordPress website to provide your customers with an unforgettable user experience, whether from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.