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PrestaShop Development: 10 Reasons Why it is Successful

Online shopping has become a part of many people’s lives and has helped them save time, effort and money. If you are an experienced, dynamic Internet user, there is no way you haven’t already paid for something online. For the buyer, it is very simple, but have you ever considered how it functions when you are on the other side of the fence and want to make sure all the payments made to you are completed and secure? For today’s online merchant, PrestaShop is one of the most popular and welcomed ecommerce platforms. Its beginnings date back in 2007, in France; it is an open source application and has been embraced by many business owners worldwide. It helps them have a bird’s eye view on their commerce activities (customers, orders, delivery, and inventory) and to make sure the money is transferred to their bank accounts. So let’s see what advantages the PrestaShop development provides.

1. Open source

It is free and helps you save money for other promotional activities which need serious expenses. You can modify it as you like and also distribute it without any troubles.

2. SEO friendly

Do we even have to say why your website should be SEO friendlyPrestaShop will help you check that too because it will provide SEO efficient codes and meta tag help.

3. Animations

It is suggestive and attractive for clients and allows them to have a better idea of what they’ve added to their cart.

4. Prestashop development is Simple

It is easy to maintain and to expand. It has never been easier to put a cart feature on your shopping web site.

5. It is available in many languages

The most important languages are supported – 57 languages. More than 100,000 online shops enjoy the results of the PrestaShop development. Its adaptability allows you to do transactions in different currencies and to implement all necessary taxes and shipping rates.

6. Fast, not depending on servers

It has a small size, so it requires minimum configuration and memory space. You can customize PrestaShop to make it more agile and versatile and not put a burden on your computer’s memory with features you don’t use.

7. Free modules

These free modules make it possible for you to install and customize shopping carts without any expenses. There are more than 1000 modules available for PrestaShop ecommerce developers.

8. Free themes

Visual attractiveness is taken into consideration as well and you can give a whole new face to your online shop in a very short time. There are about 800 themes you are invited to download.

9. User-friendly

You don’t have to be a computer geek; it is easy to learn and use.  It has some very interesting features, which make it easier for you to organize your business: product management, store management, checkout, shipping, payments, marketing, and customer options. It will track visitors, orders, sales and deliver statistics on best selling or most viewed products.

There is a lot of helpful documentation if you are new to PrestaShop.

10. Upgrades

Upgrades are released often and PrestaShop is thus constantly improved. This is what makes it a secure ecommerce platform.  If you find a bug, you are encouraged to report it to the PrestaShop ecommerce developers.

So, if you are a business owner who is tired of keeping track of the finances and worry about payment issues, or if you are new to the world of ecommerce, try PrestaShop, it suits anyone whose goal is to run a successful online business.

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