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Increase in Demand for Custom eCommerce Web Development Professionals Amid COVID-19

The eCommerce website development company in India has been crucial for many businesses, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for the professionals has seen a tremendous surge in the past few months. Coronavirus is something that the world has not seen before. Physical distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing is the new normal, causing a rapid change in consumer shopping behavior.

As the coronavirus continues to evolve, it is giving a profound impact on every business. The retail market is taking a nosedive with people staying at home and seeking home delivery solutions.

A gradual shift from retail to online:

Big players on the online platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others, have improved on their sales of pre-COVID times. New businesses compete for market share with low-value supplies to serve the needs of consumers. They are replacing the local retail markets where people were shopping earlier.

The web and mobile technology are influencing every industry and necessitating businesses to go digital.

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Companies without a website must build one soon and existing online retailers must adapt to the changing consumer needs. As a result, companies search for the best eCommerce website design company to build new or revamp an existing website.

The first-time website owners must understand the immediate benefits of going online.

  • Serve existing customers without the risk of physical contact
  • better exposure and visibility using the right digital marketing tools
  • Affordable and effective marketing.
  • 24/7 availability.

Upswing for India’s eCommerce development services

Industry experts say India’s eCommerce market will improve threefold from $30 billion in 2018 to around $ 85 billion by 2024.  It is likely to touch $200 billion. Presently people are in a survival mood, buying only necessities and shying away from luxury products.

The epidemic has opened up many new challenges and opportunities for companies regardless of their size and industry. Some likely changes are as follows.

1.  Online shopping is the new trend

Most of the world was in lockdown for different periods in March’20 compelling traditional street-side stores to shut down. There was fear all around with people doing panic buying of household necessities resulting in a shortage in many products.

With the virus showing no signs of stopping, many traders are moving their business online. People are switching over to eCommerce rather than risk their lives in malls and supermarkets.

If you are going shopping, make sure the shop/mall is following all the preventive measures.

2. Convenience and efficiency

Online shopping is safe and timesaving. Delivery of goods is done at the doorstep and allows people to shop at leisure any time of the day. Buying groceries and supplies online is going on for some time, but now people want everything delivered.

3. Surge in COVID-19 eCommerce stores

Many businesses are selling high-quality, approved health products. Almost all the online stores have masks, sanitizers, soaps, etc. available. To stay competitive, they also offer good deals to help the consumers in these trying times. 

4. Shift in the products category

Coronavirus has created a fear that is not easy to forget. People now shop for essential commodities. Businesses selling non-essential products such as footwear, clothes, jewelry, and similar faced huge losses during the lockdown. Though the situation is slowly improving, it may take time for the buyers to regain complete confidence.

The urgent need for digitalization of local shops

In India, most people believe in shopping for their commodities in what they call Kirana shops. These shops have been crucial before the lockdown period. Now, with the future uncertain, the same consumers are searching for other options to avoid physical contact. The risks are low with the Kirana stores digitalizing their services.

India has a long way to go for digitalization to be successful, as millions of people lack operational knowledge. They also do not have the infrastructure and technology to access online services.

The role of an eCommerce web development firm

People are shifting to online purchasing resulting in a steep dip in the sales for brick and mortar stores. Several websites are experiencing a surge in traffic but are unable to capitalize on it. Investing in building a robust website or revamping an existing one is an urgent necessity. It is a new reality people must accept.

eCommerce web designers have a vast role to play in the present circumstances and the future. Professionals with coding skills, cybersecurity expertise, networking capabilities, customer service support, relationship management, and similar will be in high demand. The work from home system calls for an innovative UI/UX solution for transiting from storefront to home office.


The future is unclear, but it is certain the internet and website designers will have a significant role in shaping the world economy and lifestyle.

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