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Surge in Demand for Web Designers in India Towards the “Go Vocal for Local” Govt. Initiative

In one of his public addresses during the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pitched for “vocal for local.” The eCommerce website design company has a prominent role in making Indian brands reach the local masses. Digital marketing is a quick and economical way for local companies to have a wider exposure.

Vocal for local means:

Mr. Modi’s call comes when the country, in fact, the entire world, is under the Coronavirus attack. India has been importing several commodities from global markets. By promoting local businesses, the money will stay within the country and strengthen the economy.  

A little effort by each Indian will make India self-reliant ( Atmanirbhar Bharat ),  and local brands can prosper.

  • Download applications on mobile phones that are of Indian companies
  • check for the “ Made in India” label
  • Even if the brand is from another country, make sure the product manufacture is in an Indian city/town.

Watch the media coverage of the Prime Minister’s speech.

How affordable web design services can be useful:

As per the initiative, people must not only buy, but promote it through different channels, as well. Doing so will help the small business owner get better exposure among the audience. Professional graphic designers and marketing teams can help the business with packaging, labeling, marketing, and more depending on the industry. Supporting local products will strengthen the rupee value and the country’s economy.

Most businesses in India have no online presence, and they could survive because of having regular customers. The Kirana shops or the roadside food joints (dhabas), for instance, have several walk-ins, so they never needed a website.

However, the new normal, since the outbreak of coronavirus, has made people change their priorities. They are hesitant to go out shopping and prefer to buy online. The small businesses cannot retain their customers unless they have an online presence.

The services they provide:

A professional web design company has a team of experts with varied skills. They can create custom applications as per business requirements. It is essential for a business, even if technically-inclined, should invest in an agency. Doing so will enable them to focus on core business and attend to the customer needs.

There are some prerequisites for a website to meet the new challenges and give visitors pleasant user experience.  With the available tools in the market, it is simple to build a website. But this will not be sufficient for an eCommerce store. The design has to be optimized and leaving the job to an expert is essential.

Design matters because it creates the first impression on the visitor’s mind. An elegantly designed frontpage with engaging content and layout will interest the visitor. On the other hand,  if the visitor has a bad experience, they will back out, which means losing a customer forever.

A few fundamentals:

1. Keep minimal text content on the homepage and landing pages. Use blog pages to tell the stories and explanations of products and services.

2. Optimize the pages with visuals to show rather than tell what the site is all about.

3. Do not use lengthy sentences or hard words that are difficult to understand.

4 The CTA  ( call to action) must be clear, bold, and prominently placed. The CTA should be placed in all the pages for the visitor to click and enable conversion.

5. Be uniform in all the pages. Have the same message and CTA button.

6. Navigation must be easy and fast. Consumers come to a site in search of something. If it is difficult to find, they will move away to a competitor. 

7. Be responsive. Customers may use different devices at different times to browse the internet. The website must be optimized for mobile devices to enable a customer to search from desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

8. Prioritize SEO ( search engine optimization). The website must be visible on the search engines for internet users to find easily. SEO managers can help you with this task.

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9. Agility is vital. With more people using online services, there will be a tremendous increase in traffic affecting the page loading speed. If the page load time is slow, visitors will go to another site.

Bottom Line

A website is essential for the survival of a business in the new normal era. So, the look and feel of the website can impact the success story of a company. 

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