Copywriter Jobs in Calicut

PixelSolvent needs a creative copywriter in Calicut who can come up with fresh ideas and produce high-quality content quickly. Copywriters collaborate with others to define project goals, create content that meets the demands of the customer or employer, generate ideas, and gather information to use in writing. You should also be ready to contribute to other creative procedures, such as the selection of aesthetic elements.

A good copywriter in Calicut should have superior writing and research skills and the flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each client or business. You need to be on time, enthusiastic, and attentive to detail.


Key Responsibilities of Copywriter Jobs in Calicut

  • The duties of a copywriter include writing and editing unique content that is accurate, thoroughly researched, fulfills client/company requirements, and meets deadlines.
  • Having conversations with internal and external partners to understand their content requirements.
  • Conducting research to develop concepts or support writing.
  • Learning about the copy’s target audience.
  • Edit and proofread every copy before it is published
  • Helping to develop other areas of the research or creative processes to produce information that is accurate and consistent.


Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or a closely related field.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in typing and writing.
  • Minimum of 1 year experience as a copywriter in Calicut.
  • It may be advantageous or necessary to have prior experience writing copy or with a particular sector, such as marketing, or technology.
  • Strong typing, research, and communication skills.
  • Resourcefulness, motivation, adaptability, and creativity.
  • The capacity to comprehend a project’s needs and the intended audience.
  • Responsive to feedback.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.

How to Apply

Send a detailed resume and cover letter to