Python Developer Jobs in Calicut

Pixelsolvent is looking for an experienced Python developer in Calicut to help our development team to dynamic dynamic software solutions for our clients. Working alongside front-end developers, you will design back-end components, build and test scalable code, and include user-facing components in this position.

To succeed as a Python developer in Calicut, you must possess a thorough understanding of object-relational mapping, practical knowledge of server-side logic, and exceptional programming abilities. In the end, a top-notch Python developer is able to create web apps that are fully responsive and satisfy the needs of the client.


Key Responsibilities of Python Developer Jobs in Calicut

  • Coordinating with development teams to determine the requirements of the application.
  • Using the python programming language to create scalable code.
  • Application testing and bug fixing.
  • Creating the back-end elements.
  • Utilizing server-side logic to incorporate user-facing components.
  • Evaluating and ranking customer feature requests.
  • Integrating storage methods for data.
  • Working in concert with front-end programmers.
  • Upgrading the functionality of current databases.
  • Creating digital tools to track online traffic.


Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field.
  • 1 year of experience developing in Python.
  • Thorough familiarity with Python and related frameworks like Django and Flask.
  • A thorough understanding of Python’s threading restrictions and multi-process architecture.
  • Knowledge of server-side templating languages like Mako and Jinja 2.
  • Being able to combine several data sources into one system.
  • Knowledge about testing tools.
  • Ability to work jointly on tasks and alone when necessary.

How to Apply

Please email your cover letter, resume, and a link to any Python projects you’ve worked on to if you have the qualifications we require.